Arbisoft Merchandise Tshirts

Keeping up with its tradition of collaborating and serving renowned businesses, BMC recently worked with arbisoft , a well-reputed software house for aspiring software engineers. BMC expertise in promotional merchandise, and made t-shirts, featuring the ‘ Pakistani truck art’ that has been very popular amongst youngsters for the last few months. Take a look below.

Etihad Airways Merchandise

Business & Management Consultants (BMC) continues its legacy of working with renowned businesses for business consultancy,providing merchandise and brand recognition. Recently, we collaborated with Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi, is a flag carrier and the second-largest airline of the UAE. BMC provided them with the quality customised merchandise for their business in …

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Google Hackfair Pakistan

Google Hackfair is a global platform for developers and technologists to showcase their ideas, projects and products incorporating technologies offered by Google. Be it a robo server, a dress counsellor or a language translator, Google Hackfair Pakistan gives everyone the opportunity to execute or propose interesting, creative, out of the box yet practical ideas. It …

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