Developer Circles from Facebook

It would come as a shock if you came across someone who doesn’t know about Facebook. It is by far the most popular social networking platform that this planet has known or will ever know. But who created this phenomenon if we can recall? The people considered to be the driest when it comes to their profession. Yes, we are talking about programmers and developers. And ironically enough, most of the information technology giants like Google are geared towards empowering this community.

Developer Circles From Facebook

Programs, events, training sessions are launched in order to create awareness and passion amongst pupil. A similar program, Facebook is launching a program of its own, called Developer Circles, a global platform for developers across the globe. The developer circles from Facebook, program will be launched in select cities around the globe and will be led by Leads, like Usama and Danish who is currently serving as community leader in Pakistan, and will be responsible for launching programs offline while managing online activities. The program will also engage local developer communities in order to collaborate, access and share knowledge and organise and facilitate events.

Developer Circles From facebook Awareness Program

Developer Circles From facebook, an awareness program was conducted by Usama and Danish about the Developer Circles in LUMS on 2nd September, 2016. The event also included giveaway t-shirts, which were manufactured by a team at Business & Management Consultants (BMC)

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