Notebooks, Water Bottles, Bags and USBs as Giveaways

Much discussion has been  done about how people nowadays want something different and unique in order to remember you for a longer time. Obviously you don’t want to waste your money on something that the receivers will never see or use after the event. You have to have something that is unique yet is practical enough to add value to the recipient’s life. Below are a few handy ideas ideas that will help you nail your next promotional event.

Promotional and Personalised Water Bottles Best Giveaways

Reusable bottles are at number one. Plastic bottles are neither good for water nor for the ecosystem as they are a sort of pollution as they need to be disposed off after used. Reusable bottles are not only harmless to the health and the environment but also can be used for a very long time. And the recipient is likely to take it around almost everywhere so brand recognition is also there. That too, in a reasonable budget.  

Custom Design Notebooks, Diaries and Writing Pads as Promotional Items

Number two, notebooks. No matter how advanced the technology gets, there will always be the people who love the old school notebooks to write to. Notebook giveaways will not only pleasantly surprise your recipient but they are going to use it as early as in your event to write down any points. And obviously they will be using it afterwards for one purpose or another even if they are not from the old-school lot so they will remember you for a good long time.

Tote, Canvas, Paper, Leather and Cloth bags as Promotional Items

Conference bags and totes are also on the list. These are my personal favourite. Stuff your goodies and other stuff such as mint pop-ins, some diorites, conference venue map and a sticky notepad to help the attendees get through the event. Not only they will be pleased to see the stuff that is in the bag to help them through the event, they won’t be stumbling around carrying all the stuff in their arms.

Custom USB Flash Drives as Giveaways

Flash drives are the ideal giveaways for any event as these are sure going to add quite a value. But wait, why give empty flashes drives when you could put in something beneficial for your business as well as the customers/attendee? Something like a book that is related to the business or a media kit about the business or even the slides used at the event itself so that if they need a reference to it, they won’t have to dig the internet upside down.

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