Women Techmakers Meetup Lahore

Women Techmakers Meetup Lahore by Google is an initiative to encourage and empower women in technology and providing them with a platform to showcase, discuss and resource their ideas Women Techmakers first took place in 2012 with I/O by Megan Smith, president of Google then, is now lead by Natalie Villalobos, Head Global Programs and a team of Googlers keen and passionate about bringing, encouraging and empowering women in technology. Since then, different initiatives and programs including training session, product management, Google I/O, public speaking sessions and different workshops have been launched globally to motivate and support women technologists.An event of the likes which was organized by Business and Management Consultants, took place at the Lahore University of Management and Sciences on April 23rd, 2016 where various women technologists spoke and shed light on the importance and role of women techmakers in this day and age.

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