Wowbox Branding T-Shirts

WowBox is a lifestyle app that has been introduced by Telenor, for Telenor users. In case you are wondering what it does, well, it is basically the jack of all trades. Yes, we mean it. It can literally do everything you want to do. Updates, whether local or international regarding sports, politics, entertainment, fashion and your future. As if this wasn’t tempting enough, it also offers a variety of miscellaneous stuff including quotes to inspire you from your day to day life, lifestyle tips to improve your lifestyle, jokes to crack you up, games to fill your idle time with and what not. Which means that you don’t have to download an individual app for every other thing you want on your phone. Lots of space saved! But wait up, the most interesting feature of WowBox is that it is… totally free! Yes you read that right. WowBox DOES NOT incur any charges for usage.

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